Want Better Results? Take Recovery Seriously.

Are you grinding and grinding away in the gym and not seeing the results? It’s very typical to think to yourself that you must do more. That’s not always the answer. It’s actually rarely the answer. Of course, everyone is different and there are some people reading this that might actually need to do more […]

How and Why We Hook Grip

Believe us, we get it. In the beginning a hook grip is painful. It can deaden the nerves of your thumbs and make you question everything we have ever told you as coaches. We promise, we aren’t making this stuff up. You trust us on EVERYTHING else. We’ve had you upside down on your hands, […]

How To Find Your Next Gym!

No 2 gyms are created equal. And quite frankly, we love it that way. As someone looking for a new gym you should too! It can be tough to sort through all of the options though.  We wanted to help you a little bit on your search.  Convenience Convenience cannot be ignored. If you are […]

Start Carrying More.

If you have ever been in the building while I’m doing a personal training session there is a GREAT chance you watched my client do some form of carry.  Why?  The answer is simpler than you might think. There are numerous benefits to adding carries to your program. The risk is also very minimal!  First […]